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SkeeterSoft, Inc. is the culmination of 40 years of research and analysis of the way baseball statistics interrelate to produce various measurable outcomes. The founder of SkeeterSoft, Inc. has produced useful statistical devices and innovations for various commercially marketed baseball simulations, and has, for over 10 years, successfully marketed a number of season cards sets and disks for use with APBA-inspired games through other firms still active in the marketplace. SkeeterSoft, Inc.s consulting practice is a continuation of business in this field and no longer involved with third parties.



Why buy from SkeeterSoft, Inc.?



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SkeeterSoft, Inc.s Specialty sets


Dynasties Teams Sets - 80 teams available.  Normalized to a fictitious season in the late 1970s using SkeeterSoft, Inc.s proprietary "T3" normalization program.  Every player who played on each team.


FAST-L - Franchise All-Star teams (over 900 players) based on their Lifetime Stats.  Includes all time Japanese Leagues greats and Negro League greats.


SkeeterSoft, Inc.s Card sets


Designed specifically for play with all APBA game boards, past and present, as well as innovative or "fan created" playing boards.




NP3 Legacy

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SkeeterSoft, Inc. offers complete card sets in two different formats. The Legacy sets are what we might call a traditional format, the main identifying characteristic being that their structure revolves around the Earned Run. Pitcher grades, and thus the balancing of the hitting, are determined by the Earned Run Average produced by the pitcher's opponents. SkeeterSoft, Inc. Legacy Pitchers can be further stratified by using the proprietary SkeeterSoft, Inc. Advanced Pitching Chart that comes with the SkeeterSoft, Inc. boards.


The National Pastime III card sets, or NP3 in SkeeterSoft, Inc. jargon, are designed around the Opponent's batting average, weighted by the schedule. Other ratings are utilized in a much more aggressive manner in order to create more realism in "building runs" by modeling the component parts rather than by "forcing runs" as we do by utilizing the ERA to grade the pitchers. Our NP3 sets make use of a couple of extra ratings (HR allowed, and pitcher DP) to help control baserunners and

properly model runs.


Both versions of the cards make use of various innovations that SkeeterSoft, Inc. introduced to the community of adherents to the various spin-offs of the original National Pastime Game. SkeeterSoft, Inc.s innovative "little c" system introduced "caught stealing". A second system, called the JUMP (did he get a "jump"?) models SB and CS in an improved manner. The "little e" system improves fielding, and thus ERA. SkeeterSoft, Inc. expanded strikeout and walk ratings also led the way in bringing this fine game into the 21st Century. Outfielders are also rated for their throwing arm and the SkS boards reflect slightly more realistic action on the bases than you might be used to playing other versions of Mr. Van Beek's game.


The advanced pitching system, which is required (and furnished with) the NP3 sets, but optional with the Legacy sets, allows for the use of 30 pitching grades with the SkeeterSoft, Inc. Boards. APBA's Basic and Master Game are also compatible with these cards, although using the NP3 sets with other than the SkeeterSoft, Inc. boards might slow you down.


It is highly recommended that you purchase the SkeeterSoft, Inc. Boards and Advanced Pitching System. All options in SkeeterSoft, Inc.s world are intuitive, fully explained on the lineup sheet and an Options sheet furnished with each set, and have a relatively slight learning curve.


We are convinced that the SkeeterSoft, Inc.s solution to the National Pastime game, and its descendents, is a particularly satisfying technical solution that maintains the speed and playability of Mr. Van Beeks original game and the fan-improvements made by Mr. Dick Seitz, founder of the APBA game company.


SkeeterSoft, Inc. is proud to carry on that tradition in an alternative, but parallel, manner.


SkeeterSoft, Inc.s Disks

Designed specifically for your computer gaming pleasure, depending on which computer game you play.



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